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Mixed containers including a range of all of our products is the best way to purchase. This will maximize the space in the container, reducing the cost of freight.

Container measurements (variations possible) :

length :
width :
height :
20" Container

5925 mm
2365 mm
2380 mm
40" Container

12015 mm
2330 mm
2380 mm
40" High Cube

12069 mm
2373 mm
2709 mm
door opening
width :
height :
2333 mm
2290 mm
2330 mm
2286 mm
2335 mm
2587 mm

All prices are quoted in USD and are FOB ex-Yangon including all local handling fees and container fumigation. Charges for shipping, freight, insurance and related tax charges will be the responsibility of the buyer. Please check our freight page for more transport information.
Ask for an individual quotation with our shop form or via contact form.

If you happen to life in Australia - your e-mail will be forwarded to Inspire Imports Sidney.

If you are interested in smaller amounts of merchandise to be sent in boxes or sample shipments please tell us, and take into account that we have to charge 25 - 40 % more for "box-products" as all our pricing is calculated for one product group deliveries from 20 foot containers upwards.

The teakwoodbarrels really pack very well. A container packed with barrels or parquet has a much higher value compared to many other products - and so decreases the transportcosts for the single piece.

Parquet or other heavyweight products like marble or stone sculptures are loaded into 20 ft containers. It is allowed to load up to 28 metric tons with an prefferd average around 25 metric tons due to the capacity of the cranes in Yangon harbour. Usually this ensures that You should encounter no problems handling the containers in your harbour of destination.

Weight calculation for 500 square meters of marble plates (1x1 foot, thickness ~ 3/4 inch)

1 square meter = 10.764 square feet     500 square meters = 5382 square feet
1 square foot marble plate (thickness ~20 mm) = 3.1 burmese Viss
1 Viss = 1.62 kg     1 square foot = 1.62 kg x 3.1 = 5.02 kg
500 square meters = 5382 square feet     5382 x 5.02 kg ~ 27 metric tons

There still would be some space left in a 20 ft container to fill up with some light rattan furniture or Rattan accessories.

The big terracotta pots and vases can be filled with small pottery figurines, pillowcovers and bedsheets or cotton blankets. Smaller products like accessories, plates and bowls will be packed in cardboardboxes.

Containers should be jam packed solid. This reduces chances of damage during transport. If You need special packaging please inform us about your demands. We usually label all our products with our registered trade mark indoXotic. If you prefer your own brand or trademark please let us know.

As we are working hand in hand with our retail customers, we will forward requests from the internet (wich mainly are are requests for single products) to the closest retailer available. This means You can easily take advantage of our website presentation by marketing the website adress of indoXotic or rather the exact adresses where the products can be found that You are able to supply (e.g. http://www.indoXotic.com/en/ton.htm ) in the local area where you are selling. Place small adds in garden magazines or in the weekend section of your local newspaper - and all requests for single items from your area, district or country will be forwarded to you.
This way you have readymade marketing for your investment, if requests indicate interest in different products you will be the firsth to know and you will benefit from any further activities around our registered trade mark indoXotic.

Please check the container packing table for our indoXotic teakwood barrels as well.

Our pricing offers will be FOB EX Yangon/Myanmar in US $ and includes container handling in yangon (FreightOnBoard) plus complete export papers.
Australian customers will be forwarded to Inspire Imports Sidney and might get their offers in Australian $ and CIF Sidney.

Insurance is usually 2,5 % of the value of the container content and must be ordered with your carrier from the country of destination.
Deliverytime depends on production and transport. Most carriers leave Yangon/Myanmar weekly and might take 20 - 30 days for their journeys.

Set out below is a recent shipment sent to Sydney Australia in a 40 ft container :

Product Number Quantity Size in CM Finish
Wood Barrel Set MZ 1 -10 5   steel
Wood Barrel Set MZ 1-10 2   brass
Wood Barrel Set MZ 1-10 1   bronze
Wood Barrel Set MZ 1-10 7   copper
Double Beach Mat Set NW 2 100   unfinished
Single Beach Mat Set NW 1 100   unfinished
Ceramic Pot E-2 15 65/66 glazed
CP E-3 17 81/87 glazed
CP E-4 10 58/62 glazed
CP E-5 14 60/67 glazed
CP E-6 16 44/66 glazed
CP E-7 9 31/35 glazed
CP E-11 8 31/35 glazed
CP E-13a 25 26/52 glazed
CP E-13b 14 22/48 glazed
CP E-13c 35 19/38 glazed
CP E-14a 28 48/100 glazed
CP E-14b 16 32/67 glazed
CP E-14c 20 24/50 glazed
CP E-22 18 32/68 glazed
CP E-35 13 56/58 glazed
CP E-37 12 57/48 glazed
CP E-42 15 44/37 glazed
CP E-43 10 33/47 glazed
CP E-45 9 40/34 glazed
CP E-47 14 40/48 glazed
CP E-50a 11 24/29 glazed
CP E-50a 5 24/29 unglazed
CP A-22a 26 40/34 glazed
CP A-22b 26 29/32 glazed
CP A-22c 26 21/30 glazed
CP A-22d 26 18/25 glazed
CP A-22e 26 13/20 glazed
Ceramic Tile A-23a 93 21 green
Ceramic Tile A-23b 140 21 green
Ceramic Tile A-23b 50 21 blue
Cussion Covers cussion 70 45/45 mixed
Cussion Covers cussion 20 45/45 mixed
Cussion Covers cussion 6 65/65 yellow
Cussion Covers cussion 15 20/45 mixed
Blankets Blanket 18 150/150 mixed
Mixed Material Samples samples 1 1 5 kg na
Wooden Hand Chair WH1 1 90high natural
Wood Benches YAN1-4 4 140cm long natural
Wood Tables YAN5-6 2 150cm long natural
Wood Canoe with Stand YAN7-8 2 120 cm long natural
Rattan Place Mats PL1-150 150 30cm di urathaned
Butlers Trays PL151-171 19 80cm / 60 cm urathaned
Coconut Bowls NUT1-40 32 25cm di polished
Turned Wooden Samples W1-50 45 7kg natural
Marble Samples M1 12 10kg semi-polished
CP Samples CERSMPL 1 max height 50cm painted
CP Samples CERSMPL 13 max height 66cm painted
Ceramic Pot (reject) E-43 1 33/47 glazed
CP (reject) SQP 1 1 20/38 glazed
CP special 1 two pieces painted
Wood Flooring Samples WF1-20 30 3 sq mtr. unfinished
Rattan Chest PL172-173 1 120 cm long urathaned
Pcs Total


CP stands for ceramic pot. Please see that in this 40 feet container only 2 (two) ceramic pots had to be rejected due to transport damage. In most of your local builders supplies or garden centers you might find more broken pots on display on a single pallet - than we encounter per average during a whole container transport. The main reason for this is the careful work by hand at indoXotic during production and packing of your merchandise.

Ask for an individual quotation with our shop form or via contact form.




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